VIVIPHARMA manufactures and markets products for the national and international cosmeceutical, dermo-cosmetic and trichological markets. The company's research laboratory team comprises biologists, chemists, cosmetologists, trichologists and technicians. The Vivipharma brand products are created by our researchers who stay scientifically up-to-date. Vivipharma treatments are the result of major formulation discoveries to which we have added safety of use, dermo-compatibility, excellence of raw materials and, above all, efficacy, demonstrated by clinical tests conducted at the universities of Rome, Parma and Ferrara.


Scientific rigour, code of ethics, top quality: these are the words that describe our corporate philosophy. Training paths, courses, educationals and constant updating provided by Vivipharma in collaboration with exclusive dealers furnish our beauty salon partners with the tools to give qualified professional advice, essential for Applied Trichology.


Professional advice qualifies the choice of the right treatment and offers everyone the possibility of protecting the wealth of their hair.


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